Heel Lock Lacing

Does your heel rub up and down at the back of your shoe? Do you suffer from heel blisters?

In this article, you will learn how to prevent your heel slipping and avoid back-of-heel blisters.


Thought that there was only one way to tie your shoes? Think again. It turns out learning the right shoe lacing techniques can make an enormous difference when it comes to how well your shoes fit.

In this article, you will learn how to prevent your heel slipping and avoid back-of-heel blisters.

Let’s be honest, walking, running or hiking in a comfortable shoe is so much better than one that rubs all the time. And we’re more likely to do these activities when we know we’re not going to need to wear band-aides for a few days afterwards.

So, let’s start with those two extra eyelets in the top of your shoes! Well, they’re there for a reason. These can be used to lock the heel in place.

The point of the heel lock shoe lacing technique is to, as the name suggests, prevent your heel from slipping, which is incredibly annoying.

With every step you take, all you’re thinking about is having to make small adjustments, making you lose momentum and just sucking the enjoyment out of the activity.

However, this is easily preventable. There are plenty of benefits to enjoy with heel lock lacing; your feet will fit snug and protected against slipping, rubbing and blisters.

Why heel locking lacing is the best solution for you

The heel lock shoe lacing techniques keeps everything nice and tight without compromising the rest of the shoe. The fit is also much more unique and harder to copy than traditional lacing methods.

This is just one of the many benefits that come with using this shoe lacing technique.

If you're looking for an easy way to tie your shoes and still get all of the benefits of shoelaces, then this method may be perfect for you. As effective as it is simple, it's something that you need to try out!

How to tie a heel lock

  1. Start with a crisscross lacing style from the bottom of the shoe to the top
  2. Take the left lace and thread through the top-left eyelet to form a loop at the top of the shoe
  3. Repeat with the right shoelace which should leave you with a left and right loop on the upper, outer eyelets
  4. Crisscross the lace and thread through the loops
  5. Pull tight to create the lace lock
  6. Tie a balanced knot to keep the heel lock in place

How to style shoelaces: lock lacing video tutorial

    Kicks Shoelaces Heel Lock Lacing Instructions



    Now, even though shoe lacing techniques can help with injury prevention and enhance performance they should never replace a properly fitted pair of shoes.

    A properly fitting running shoe for example should feel snug in the heel and midfoot, with wiggle room around the toes.

    It's important to remember that if your shoes need replacing, replace them and use different ways to tie your shoes to add additional comfort and support to your feet.

    As a final point, we recognise new sneakers can get expensive, an inexpensive way to refresh or tailor them is with new shoelaces.

    At Kicks, we offer a large variety of shoelaces in various colours and styles, from no-tie shoelaces to on-trend rope laces, and quick laces. No matter what type of laces you decide to buy, styling your sneakers with new shoelaces is a way to show off your personality and an affordable way to give your sneakers a fresh, clean look. We think it's money well spent!

    Frequently asked questions about buying laces


    Why buy quick shoe laces?

    There are many reasons to buy quick shoe laces. The main reason is for convenience. For example, there are some circumstances where you might need to change your shoes quickly—to go from work clothes to exercise gear, or vice versa.

    It could be because you work in the fitness industry and need quick access to different kinds of footwear for different exercises or classes.

    Maybe you have a favourite pair of shoes that fit tightly around your feet—and it's difficult to lace through the eyelets every time you wear them—and so you want an alternative option that will allow you more flexibility with how fast or slow your shoes feel on your feet.

    There are other reasons as well! If you're into sports, maybe running is your thing, and you need to change shoes quickly in order to race in various distances. Or maybe you rock climb—in which case, laces would be a hindrance rather than helpful. All of these reasons make buying quick shoe laces an excellent choice!

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    Why buy round shoe laces?

    While shopping for shoes, you will undoubtedly encounter an array of laces. Laces come in many shapes and sizes. Some shoelaces are a perfect circle, others a flat oval, while some have a slight curve to them.

    Few people realize that all of these shapes serve one specific purpose: To make sure the shoe lacing process goes smoothly.

    Since it is common knowledge that different styles of shoes require different methods of tightening them up, it makes sense that certain types of laces would be better suited for specific purposes than others.

    For instance, round shoe laces are ideal for dress shoes because they allow the wearer to tighten the lacing quickly and with ease since there is no extra string left hanging from the eyelets on either side of the shoe.

    Another important thing to keep in mind when buying round shoelaces is that certain materials fare better than others when it comes to holding up over time. Poor quality laces won't be able to withstand the test of time and can easily snap under pressure, which defeats the purpose of using them in the first place.

    It's important that you take care when picking out which type of material or style will look best for your shoes.

    Remember that round shoe laces are only meant to tighten, not support your foot like athletic shoelaces would do. By keeping these tips in mind, you'll be sure to find exactly what your shoes need (and deserve) no matter how formal or casual they may be!

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    Why buy reflective rope laces?

    While it seems like everyone has started using LED lights to increase visibility, you might be surprised to know that the cheapest way is still through putting on a reflective rope shoe laces.

    The white or yellow-ish/silver shoes with these neon ropes make your feet look as if they are glowing from within! Which they sort of are.

    Plus, they're inexpensive and come in different colours too.

    In addition, the reflective ropes can be worn during day time as well for greater safety.

    These reflective shoe strings reflect light back to headlights of cars when a driver crosses over them at night. They serve as an edge warning during dusk and dawn hours where headlights cannot reach every place by crossing the edge of roads.

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