No-Tie Shoelaces Instructions


Are your shoelaces dragging on the ground and getting dirty? Or are you tired of tying and untying your shoelaces again and again? Then Kicks No-Tie Shoelaces can help!

Known by many different names such as elastic laces, lazy laces, no-tie laces, no-tie shoelaces can quickly turn your shoes into stylish slip-on shoes. No more bows, knots or mess, the ends of your laces will remain secure in the shoe, keeping your shoelaces looking nice and clean for much longer.

Not having to tie shoelaces can also help provide a feeling of independence, getting shoes on for many kids, adults and seniors can prove to be a challenge. Elastic laces help relieve that stress because you will no longer have to tie your shoes. During installation, you set the shoelaces to your desired tension so that you can simply slip on and off your shoes with ease. Once installed your shoes will slip-on perfectly every time.

Some advantages of no-tie shoelaces.

  • Reduce the risk of injury by preventing trips and falls from shoelaces that have come undone.
  • Everyone’s feet swell, which can cause some discomfort. Elastic shoelaces expand and contract with each step so if you spend a prolonged amount of time on your feet; then no-tie shoelaces can make your shoes more comfortable and help to eliminate pain. 
  • Save time by removing the hassle of tying your shoes so you can get ready more quickly and with less stress.

How to install no-tie shoelaces

  1. Remove your existing shoelaces, thread and style your new no-tie shoelaces.
  2. Put your feet into the shoe and find your desired tension. Hold the shoelace and the pressure and cut the lace with approximately 1 cm past the last eyelet or the eyelet of choice if you don’t like using all of them.
  3. Place and close the shoelace tip on the end of the elastic lace; this will keep the shoelace secure, the ends together and stop them from fraying.

No-Tie Laces with shoelace clips


Round No-Tie Lacesround-no-tie-shoelaces-instructions

Congratulations – you now have a stylish pair of slip-on shoes!

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