No-Tie Shoelaces Instructions

Introduction to No-Tie Shoelaces

Are your shoelaces dragging on the ground and getting dirty? Are you tired of tying and untying your shoelaces again and again? Then No-Tie Shoelaces are just what you need!

No more bows, knots or mess, the ends of your laces will remain secure in the shoe, keeping your shoelaces looking nice and clean for much longer.

Known by many different names such as elastic laces, stretch shoe laces and tieless laces, no-tie shoelaces can quickly turn your shoes into stylish slip-ons and help to relieve stress and provide a feeling of independence for kids, adults, and seniors. 

During installation, you set the shoelaces to your desired tension so you can simply slip your shoes on and off with ease. Once installed you can relax and move more freely in your shoes knowing they won’t come untied when you’re out walking, hiking or playing sports. This is possible because the ends of the elastic laces are secured with shoelace clips or anchors. 

Some advantages of no-tie shoelaces

✅ Reduce the risk of injury.

    Tieless laces prevent trips, falls, and other accidents that happen when shoelaces come undone.

    ✅ Improve everyday comfort.

      Everyone’s feet swell, which can cause some discomfort. Elastic shoelaces expand and contract with each step. If you spend a prolonged amount of time on your feet, no-tie shoelaces can make your shoes more comfortable and help to eliminate pain.

      ✅ Save time.

        Remove the hassle of tying your shoes so you can get ready more quickly and with less stress.

        ✅ Improve the health of your feet.

          The most significant advantage of no-tie shoelaces is that they promote good foot health. Cotton laces, unlike these ones, need to be tied again and again. Laces that need to be tied leave your feet tired as a result of the looseness. And this will cause discomfort while walking. No-tie laces remove the worry of loosening, allowing your feet to be comfortable all the time.

          With our range of no-tie shoelaces you can choose from a wide selection of colours with either gold or gun metal grey shoelace tips. Check out our products here.

          How to install no-tie shoelaces

          1. Remove your existing shoelaces, thread and style your new no-tie shoelaces.
          2. Put your feet into the shoe and find your desired tension. Hold the shoelace and the pressure and cut the lace with approximately 1 cm past the last eyelet or the eyelet of choice if you don’t like using all of them.
          3. Place and close the shoelace tip on the end of the elastic lace; this will keep the shoelace secure, the ends together and stop them from fraying.

          No-tie shoelaces video tutorial.

          Flat no-tie laces

          The best selling no-tie shoelaces secured with shoelace clips.


          Round no-tie laces

          The ultimate round no-tie shoelaces secured with a shoelace screw buckle.


          Frequently Asked Questions

          What are shoelaces called that you don’t have to tie?

          Shoelaces that do not have to be tied are called “no tie shoelaces”. 

          The reason they are called no tie shoelaces is that you don’t have to actually tie the laces in order for them to stay on the shoe. This is possible because the ends of the laces are secured with shoelace clips, anchors or buckles.

          Are no-tie elastic laces comfortable?

          No tie elastic lace are made with zero-memory elastic rubber, which ensures a comfortable fit throughout the day. They expand and contract with every step which allows the shoe to be more flexible and comfortable on the feet.

          Who are no-tie laces suitable for?

          No tie shoelaces are perfect for everyone and all ages, they are especially helpful to individuals who have trouble tying shoes or have a disability that prevents them from being able to tie their own shoes.

          What types of shoes do no-tie laces fit?

          You can find many different types of no-tie laces that will work perfectly with any pair of shoes, including running shoes, athletic shoes, casual shoes and dress shoes.

          What are the best no-tie shoelaces?

          The best elastic no-tie shoelaces are Kicks Elastic No-Tie-Shoelace from! They are safe, strong and easy to use.

          With thousands of pairs sold, these no-tie shoelaces are proven to make any shoe more convenient and comfortable than ever. 😊

          Benefits of no tie shoelaces

          Buying shoelaces or no-tie laces

          At Kicks Shoelaces we supply a wide range of stylish shoelaces that help our customers tailor their sneakers or replace old shoelaces.

          If you’re still undecided on a pair of no-tie shoelaces take advantage of our store wide discount and if you’re not happy, we’ll refund your order, no questions asked. 💯

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