Army Lacing


Remember when you first learned to tie your shoes? Probably taught by your parents right? Tying that first knot seemed really complicated at first, but it became automatic over time.

However, many of us are still lacing shoes the same way as we learned as a kid, never experimenting with other styles. 

So, with this in mind, here’s a cool way to lace shoes.

Army shoe-lacing style

Army lacing style is used by the military but that doesn’t mean you cannot copy their style. It’s used on combat boots by because the inner crossovers and outer verticals allow the sides to flex more easily – perfect for stiff army boots.

Army lacing can be useful for skateboarders, this is because with other lacing methods, the shoelace runs across the edges of the shoe and are quickly chewed up by the grip-tape. Army lacing eliminates those high points, so the laces don't suffer as much wear and tear.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. For an even set of eyelets, thread your lace straight across the inside of the shoe and out the bottom eyelet.
  2. For an odd number of eyelet pairs, thread your lace straight across the outside of the shoe like normal and through the bottom eyelet.
  3. Then alternate a crossover thread on the inside of the shoe, each time out of the next set of eyelets.
  4. Repeat until complete.
  5. If your using no-tie-shoelaces trim and secure with a shoelace anchor. If your using normal shoelaces tie your bow inside the shoe for a clean finish.

    The army lacing technique in this guide can be done using all our laces. Check out our store and browse our collection of shoelaces and no-tie shoelaces.

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