Ladder Lacing


Remember when you first learned to tie your shoes? Tying that first knot seemed really complicated at first, but it became automatic over time.

Many of us still tie our laces the same way as we learned as a kid, never experimenting with other styles.

Did you know that there are nearly 2 trillion shoelace styles from just six eyelets?! And that doesn’t even include the different ways to knot them either.

So, with this in mind, here is a cool way to lace shoes you can try today.

Note: the shoe lacing technique in this guide can be done using any of our round laces or no-tie laces.

Ladder Lacing your shoes

Ladder lacing is great on high boots with lots of eyelets, especially when you have contrasting colours to use. They are quite tough to tighten at first, but this ensures that they stay very tight all day long. Definitely try it to give your boots a distinctive look.

How to ladder lace your shoes

Ladder lacing is a basic method of lacing up shoes. The purpose of this style is to provide comfort and security. Most commonly, the shoes are laced so that one side feeds in through the loops on the other side—this technique results in a zigzag pattern.

Here’s a 5-step method of ladder lacing your shoes:

1. Start straight along the inside of the shoe and thread the lace out through the bottom eyelets.

Ladder Lacing With Kicks Shoelaces.jpg

2. Run the ends of the laces up the side of the shoe and thread through the next set of eyelets leaving a gap between the shoe and lace.

Ladder Lacing With Kicks Shoelaces3.Then thread the shoelace across the shoe and feed them through the gap under the opposite lace.

Ladder Lacing With Blue Shoelaces4. Continue up the shoe and through the next set of eyelets repeating steps 2 and 3 until you reach the top of the shoe.

Ladder Lacing With Blue Shoe laces5. Once you reach the top, you can feed the laces under the tongue before tying or use a pair of our shoelace anchors to secure the laces for a clean finish.

Ladder Lacing

How to style shoelaces: ladder lacing video tutorial

In the below video, we show a ladder lacing blue laces from our no-tie laces collection.

Ladder Lacing Instructions

The great thing about this lacing style is that it leaves the lower laces free to be used in different ways, like doubling them up or using them for either speed-lacing (wrapping around the ankle) or top-lacing (tying around the ankle).

The below video shows how to lace up any shoe with our no-tie laces in ladder style. Ladder lacing is an excellent way to secure your shoes while still leaving open loops through which you can do things like double back your shoelaces for extra tightness, tie shoelaces together, and more.

Remember: when tying shoelaces ladder style, always pull each loop tightly so there are no wrinkles or bulges along the length of the laces.

With our classic lace locks, you can choose any of our colours as well as a custom colour for your primary shoelace and create a customized set of no-tie shoelaces.

Personalise your sneaker look

Mixing up your shoe lacing style or swapping in different colour laces is a great way to add an original look to your sneakers.

Whether you're looking for a different colour or you're replacing a beat-up pair of shoelaces you’ll find a variety of no-tie laces, styles and colours in our collections.

Buying new laces

Start by measuring the length of your current laces against a new pair, you want them to be long enough so that they can be double-knotted on the top of your sneaker.

When you've decided which colour laces to go for, make sure you switch out both pairs at once to keep things looking even and balanced.

With no-tie elastic laces, it's a piece of cake to get your kicks looking fresh. And don't forget it's also a great way to add another dimension and some personality to your outfit!

Check out our range of laces and personalise your sneakers today!

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